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Your Journey to Happiness
Begins Here


It's time to make those positive changes you have been wanting for yourself.

How hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Heal negative thought patterns

  • Release unwanted behaviours

  • Get better sleep

  • Relief from chronic pain

  • Increase self confidence

  • Regain emotional balance

Earth Angel Hypnotherapy is located in the beautiful coastal town of Victor Harbor, South Australia.


If you are unable to come in person to our clinic we also offer personal  online therapy sessions via live video call.






Begin your transformation today. For bookings or enquiries please click here

Meet Natasha Vassos
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello, and welcome my page. I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, counselor and NLP practitioner. I have a gift for delving into the subconscious mind and helping people release limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and unwanted behaviours that are holding them back from living a free and fulfilling life.

I have spent many years studying different areas of mental health and have found hypnotherapy to be a very powerful and effective healing modality. It addresses and clears issues at the core root that have been stored in the subconscious mind and creates new neural pathways for positive change.

To book an appointment please click on my bookings page and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

If you would like to know a little more about me you can click on this link for my personal bio See Personal Bio


Cert. Hypnotherapy, Dip. Hyno-Counselling, Adv Dip. Mental Health

Practice Areas

Below are just a few of the areas hypnotherapy can assist you with, please contact me to discuss any other issues you would like help with



Anxiety can take many forms from fear of public speaking, insomnia, nervousness in social situations, and many more. Hypnotherapy can release anxiety and bring balance back to your life.



Some common phobias that can be resolved through hypnotherapy include fear of driving, fear of needles, fear of spiders, fear of germs just to name a few.


Feeling hopeless,stuck in a rut, lack of energy unable to get motivated. Hypnotherapy is an effective tool for treating depression so that you can move forward in life.



Children respond very well to hypnotherapy. Helping them overcome difficulties early on will enable them to thrive as they grow and mature.


Pain Management

Chronic pain can cause considerable suffering and emotional distress.Hypnotherapy can bring relief and significantly decrease pain associated with a variety of chronic pain problems.


Personal Development

Move forward with increased inspiration, confidence and remove self limiting beliefs. Build positive belief systems and new neural pathways.

Practice Areas
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